Niteflirt Name: Addictive Princess Adrian Age: Birthday:
Adrian 23 March 9,1984

Niteflirt phone sex with Adrian- spoiledprincessociety first three minutes are free - Bio:Hello future slaves & addicts, My name is Adrian, and as you will learn, I'm oh so incredibly ADDICTIVE! Aside from being a drop dead gorgeous, blue eyed brunette Goddess, I'm an expert tease, manipulator, and indiscriminant heartbreaker. No matter how strong you think you are, I can tease you, break you down and make you My weak little plaything. I will transform you into a mind fucked, pussy-whipped, ass kissing addict. Are you ready to give in to the incredible temptation of Adrian Adoration? Well you should be, because you're about to get your first taste of the Goddess who will become your most intense obsession. I will be your Everything and you will be consumed by All things Adrian.

Sugar daddies, big spenders, men who put Me on a pedestal, weak vulnerable suckerboys, orgasm denial, being the center of your world, & naturally cash, gifts, and financial slaves who contribute to My fabulous lifestyle!
Losers who haven't come to terms with their place in life, anything or anyone that negatively affects Me getting everything I want!

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