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Arielle Raven 20 Sept 8, 1987

Niteflirt phone sex with arielle - first three minutes are free to new callers. I'm a 20 year old femme domme niteflirt princess my measurements are 34FF 28 35, I have turned my successful, once powerful boyfriend into my cuckold slave. He's older, rich and now just one of the dozens of men that I rule. I laugh at him and call him a sissy because he likes to wear panties sometimes. I love dominating him and he loves to spoil me. I guess he's really more like a sugar daddie.He loves to watch me as I dress up in sexy stockings, and high heels. I tease him then totally deny him. It tortures his poor soul since he has a wicked stocking foot and stockings fetish. He also loves when I talk dirty. I don't allow him to treat me like a cheap whore though. I'm a spoiled princess, I get everything I want. I expect tributes, gifts, devotion and loyalty.

As for my phone sex listings on Niteflirt, Why do I charge more? That's simple I'm entitled to more.

Cash, presents, worship, big cock, gift cards, tips after every call, $1000 tributes, waking up and finding more cash in my account then when I went to sleep.
Guys with small cocks that don't know their place, excuses, men who expect me to be monogamous although that is more amusing than anything else,

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