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Clarissa Cheats Feb.14th 1984

My birthday is Feb.14th 1984(and dont think you can get away with buying me only 1 combinnation gift either).I'm the kind of girl that expects 1 for my birthday and 1 for Valentines Day!

I really love Amethysts,They're my favorate gems(next to diamonds that know what they say,diamonds are a girls best friend!

I cant decide whether violets or roses are my favorate flowers so if you really want to spoil me buy me both.

I like light blue and sotf yellows but I think my favorate coclors are in the green family,you know something like nile,emerald,jades,or cash lol.

I get along with just about everybody,especially aries,leos,and sagittarius,and geminis are ok too.However,I sometimes clash with other aquarius people.I get there is only room for 1 of "those" in my life"giggles"

I've been an internet model now for about 3 years,but I've been modeling for various clothing magazines and things since I was 16.

I enjoy curling up with a good book sometimes after a long day,yet I really look forward to my nights out with the girls.


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