Niteflirt Name: Exotic Princess Lorena Age: Birthday:
Lorena 18 Sept 9, 1988

Latina goddess and student. A hot body like this doesn't come along very often. I know what I have and I know what you want so let's not waste time on silly games loser. Pay up or shut up!! You want to jerk it for me? Pay me bitch. I am not here to entertain you I am here for you to entertain me! Haha! It's simple, you jerk that ugly worm between your legs during our call and I will laugh at you like the stupid ass you are. Think you are going to treat me like a whore? Well guess what? Bend over bitch!! You will be my fucking whore and cock sucker!! It's your ass and wallet that I want!! DO NOT leave me any feedback loser. Keep your stars to yourself. I am NOT looking for glory, I know what I've got stupid ass. Put you MONEY where your MOUTH is. HAHAHA! I want your fat wallet MONEY PIG! So start calling it's time for you to get addicted to my HOT ASS!

Men who entertain Me, pay piggies, older guys who spoil me, tanning myself and my gorgeous ass, shopping, dancing
Wankers, bossy men, men who don't treat me like the princess I am

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