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Michelle 24 Feb 14, 1983 - Valentine's Day

~niteflirt phone sex with michelle ~ Here's you: A balding, pencil-neck, pigeon-chested, pot-bellied loser in the corner office. Here's me: Princess Michelle, Your smoking-hot Italian-American princess of an Intern, with thighs you could bounce quarters off and a rack that's brought U.S. Senators and movie stars to tears. I knew you were straight-up puss whipped my first day in the office--remember, when you were bossing me around, and I interrupted you to tell you to clip your nose hairs? And then when you repeated the orders, remember what I said--singsong style? "Not gonna hap-pen!" When you didn't fire me then and there I knew you were fucked. And shit just got worse for you, like when I went jogging and busted in your office when you were talking to that young girl (oh, was that your daughter?) and dropped my stinky sweat socks on your desk, hissing, "Jerk to your heart's content, douche bag!" I thought it was supercool that you hired that fat, ugly girl to "be my assistant" (read: do ALL my work) while I do the important things--like buy tops at Fred Segal and CD's on the internet, with YOUR credit card. (It's gonna be so funny to hear you explain that stuff to fat, ugly Wifey-poo.) So I'm thinking we gotta raise the stakes. Like tonight, when you're phoning Wifey to make weekend dinner plans--I'm gonna make it a challenge, 'cause you're gonna have one of my stiletto heels, or maybe my half-footer strap-on, up your ass while you're talking. And I bt Junior and Little Miss Precious and the Better Half are gonna freak the fuck out when they see us in your favorite Family Restaurant... only instead of the meat loaf special, you're gonna have my ten toes in your mouth. And when you're broke and lonely and jobless and wifeless and estranged from the young ones, guess what I'm gonna do to make you feel better? I'm gonna start fucking your boss and calling you while I cum.

Money, Gucci, Big Spenders, Sugar Daddys, and raping loser wallets, mking fun of little dicks
Empty wallets, bad cologne, likely you

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