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Nina 20 Feb 28, 1987

Hello, my name is Nina. I love talking to weak men like you. The stupid boyz on campus were not strong enough to handle me so I came here to fuck your wallet!! LOL I eat men alive and they love it as will you my piggy! Your wallet is all that matters to me. You will pay me to listen to your dirty secrets and I will laugh all the way to the bank. I love to go shopping. Why not adopt my car payment, or pay for my school books? Let me laugh at your pathetic ass while you stroke off and hand over your ATM Card! You will become addicted as you listen to my sexy voice tell you just how useless you are and how Perfect I am. Haha Do NOT call if you are cheap or are looking for a quick mind fuck. I want serious subs and money slaves fuck what you want! I want your cock and wallet at attention and ready for my command! Can you handle me?

Laughing at you, shopping, money slaves, attention
Cheap boyfriends, liars, men who don't show respect, disobedient subs

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