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Tamara Teases 25 June

Want to get to know me and what I'm about? Teasing and then denying what you really want makes ME fucking wet! Dare you try a girl who will not allow you the simplest of pleasures? Look and listen to ME...I will flaunt my HOTT BODY and tell you how you can never have me- while you beg for mercy. Its not FAIR? I DONT CARE!!!

Fucking over boytoys, using men as ATM's, abusing weak pathetic sluts through mind and wallet control and making boyz worship me completely! Turning men into sissysluts, tease and denial, financial slavery, using and abusing, and taking what is ALREADY MINE! Making men cry to be near me. Chocolate and cabernet, cashmere and silk, jewelry and MONEY.
Liars & Time Wasters. Jerkoffs who do not submit to my wishes, orders and punishments. Cheap sluts and anyone who does not understand their complete inferiority to ME. Oh….and slutty boys who try to get free time, that is a big no-no! Do you really think I want to give you MY spare time? Ya right loser!

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