Take The Phone Sex Princess Addicts Oath


I, ____________ a niteflirt phone sex addict, pledge my complete and utter devotion to my princess. She shall be the center of my life, my every breath. 

When I awake in the morning, my thoughts shall be about how I might please her, and when I fall asleep in the evening, my thoughts will be about how I might please her better tomorrow. 

My will I shall surrender to her completely. My money shall be her money, to do with as she pleases. Her every need I exist to satisfy, and her every wish to fulfill. 

Never shall I utter the word "no" to my niteflirt princess, for my decisions are no longer mine to make, and my actions are no longer mine to determine. 

Therefore, whatever my princess demands, I shall give, be it tasks, gifts, or cash tributes, and I shall then thank her for the privilege of serving her.

I, a niteflirt phone sex slave, sugar daddie and benefactor have taken the above oath and wish to continue on to find my princess.

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